New Year, New Beginning

It’s the Year of the Rooster. A new beginning, a new dawn. After all the Rooster symbolises this and crows at the break of day, aka, daybreak.

So, what’s new? My laptop. Shiny, new, shiny, new. Huggable. What is it? An ASUS ROG. Yes, a gaming laptop. Had been contemplating owning one for years, and just before the Chinese New Year, made it happen. Am using it now to post. And have been slowly putting it through its paces: game downloads, playing two very different games, running web chats, and checking in on a game server, as well as the usual administrative and social media actions. Also testing the wifi daily.

Verdict as of writing? Apart from the heat (‘cos gaming), I love this laptop! 🙂

What’s new for you that makes you happy or, at least, content? 🙂


New Year, New Beginning

7 thoughts on “New Year, New Beginning

  1. Wooo, new laptop! Very exciting. But aren’t you worried that the soul of a gaming laptop shrivels a little each time it’s used to write a blog post?

    I just bought hard copies of three writing books, one of which I already had on kindle and like so much that I wanted a physical copy. They make me very happy.

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      1. A.S. Akkalon says:

        Three books by Donald Maass: Writing the Breakout Novel, The Fire in Fiction, and The Emotional Craft of Fiction. Great books!

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