Reflecting on the Mundane

It’s been so long since I last updated here. Too much has happened. So…

This the obligatory end-of-year blog post. Supposedly, I’m meant to look back on the year and highlight what I accomplished and note how I will improve starting in the new year.

However, not doing any of that.

Instead, I’m focusing on the mundane. Yes, the boring stuff, the events that weren’t, and the mind-numbing moments that, surprisingly, filled up most of my 2016.

Of course there was plenty of “excitement”. But, right now, I much prefer the times I was bored, or too lazy, or unmotivated to do anything, except exploit the downtime.

But why all the mundane moments? What’s so special about them?

Consider you’re always on the go about something, whether or not you consider them “exciting”. But being “on the go” constantly means using energy (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual). Even if you’re on holiday and doing holiday stuff. Relaxing? Yes. But not fully, perhaps. Even the most egregious of us, needs to slow down or stop occasionally.

Simply, these “dull moments” are the points in life where doing nothing will positively impact your well-being. You can truly relax, let go, and STOP for even a few seconds. And each of those moments count. Oh, so very much.

Think of them not as wasted time, but as preparation time. From another angle. They are the moments you need to build up and reserve or recover energy and spirit for the next climb to the summit, to the next big thing that happens. These are the points where it’s okay to breakdown, to not be “together”.

We need these seconds. And we should appreciate them, because, when you tally everything, they are rarer than the exciting events.

So: Let the ennui begin!

Reflecting on the Mundane

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