Embroidery with Rain, Cats & Warm Pens

Some days provide an unsurpassed tranquility that is much needed. Today is one such. After a rough week or two, the pouring rain’s staccato song soothes, a kitty curled up next to me warms and comforts, and sewing with NatGeo in the background calms.

Not paying much attention to NatGeo (it was broadcasting “Mystery Files: Leonardo Da Vinci” as of writing), sewing concentration is almost absolute. As it should be. Embroidering my logo and verion number on a softie panel takes quite a lot of focus. Phsyical energy not so much. Mental energy, yes. Then the body demands a break, at which point you realise you’ve finished the logo and the version number for two softies. And it’s time for tea. With a side of writing. Kitty obliges and gets up. Pen is warm, ‘cos she’s been sleeping on it, so the ink flows well even on a cold day. But the paper smells of kitty. Um… heh. Warm ink and pen is good!

How long has this embroidery taken? Approximately 2 – 3 hours if the NatGeo programmes are any measure. Involved false starts and wrong stitches (that were easily corrected), but: Handsewn logos and version numbers! Not identical. But certainly mine.

Oh, the pair was for one set of softies; the other set will commence soon.

Anyway. Need to “experiment”: Will embroider features on the other set. See how my technique turns out. If I am satisfied, will continue, otherwise will purchase more material. After all, shipping substandard work is anathema to a start-up. (^_^)

Embroidery with Rain, Cats & Warm Pens

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