The New McD Next, Admiralty, Exit A

McD is going upmarket! o,O Futuristic and retro at the same time, it offers you old-fashioned counter-ordering and touch-screen-create-your-own burger stations.

Round black steel tables sit in corners, a soothing counterpoint to the sharp-angled oblong wooden tables with their dark tan grain veneer. The hard-backed black chairs and bar stools balance out the black firm sofas that line the walls. And uplighting behind the sofas couple with a mirror-finish ceiling and flush lights to create a brightly lit interior that is also relaxingly soft.



Charging terminals are available at the bar counters that line the middle walls of the restaurant. These terminals come with 3 USB connectors (iPhone, Android, tablet) and an air-charging option. Neat!


Ordering food floats between choose your own burger and salad or order from the staple set menu.

Food is still served on trays. But these sport a new look to complement the decor: Small, printed dark wood grain PVC. Rounded corners are a given. And the paper that lines it? A simple lined frame with basic complementary muted colours. A clean design with lots of white space for comfortable reading that draws the eye to the content.

Of the six blocks of content on that piece of paper, the most telling is the upmarket move, “Personal Table Service After 6 pm”. According to the copy: “Sit back and relax, while we serve you at your table”. And the icing: “Your Kind of Music”. It’s a QR code of the McD playlist — scan and listen.

Though crowded, this layout is far more welcoming and friendly than the usual version. This place, if my observations serve, is filled with Feng Shui.

Sounds like a topic for the next post: The Feng Shui of McD Next ?

The New McD Next, Admiralty, Exit A

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