Positive Battery Death

My phone battery is dying. After continuous use for about an hour, a 100% battery hit 56%. Then by the end of the tutorial session, it was at 50%. Didn’t use it during the session, either. But by the time I was done sitting in McD’s, it had died 3 – 4 times and was at 6% last I looked.

Ordinarily this would pose no issue. But, I managed to forget my charging cable and the USB charging port I tried at McD’s didn’t work. Although they have air charging, my phone doesn’t support this latest tech (my phone is pre-air tech).

So: I turned it off. Problem? Nope. I’ve actually written quite a few things so far: Patreon posts, two blog posts, and a quick entry into my second writing project. So, quite productive in the 2-ish hours since the tutorial ended.

Yay? Yay! (^_^)

Positive Battery Death

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