New Project, New Plushy!

Wheeeee!!! I haven’t been this excited in a long time, nor this happy and content. And yes, I used three exclamation marks. Sue me! 😛 Really, though, the excitement warrants that much punctuation.

I love creating. And I’m happiest when I’m able to do so and the results are tangible. 😀

Over-abundance of Smileys? Of course! This is the time for overflowing Smileys! I don’t know what will happen tomorrow; I have way too many worries lurking in the background threatening to permanently inter me, so, why not have a bit of fun and a happy or several? 🙂

The New Project is a writing project. It’s all about worldbuilding. Where? On my Patreon page. 🙂 Only a glimpse is provided at this point. There will be more later, but access is granted through a certain portal, after all, I have made promises to those who pledge a specified amount, and those promises must be kept.

New Plushy is one of the many I’ve already designed but have yet to become tangible. This one isn’t as complicated as others, but will take a fair bit of work. However! I am super-enthused! Creations galore! Hehehehe. 🙂

No, I’m not drunk. In fact, I haven’t had any alcohol — today. 😛

Currently, though, break time! (*^_^*)


P.S. Patreon page:

New Project, New Plushy!

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