Being Me is a Crime

Depression twists things, makes the brain lie to the sufferer. It also magnifies the lies the brain tells and you’re helpless to stop those lies. And those “lies” are somtimes verbally expressed in negative projection, self-destructive criticism and annihilating exaggeration. Adding to that problem is when people, “friends” (close or not), see fit to call you out on your preposterousness. And they know you have depression. Yet, they take it upon themselves to point out how wrong you are, or how much you’ve twisted their words, or how you never listen. All this shunts aside the fact that you’re fighting yourself and losing.

Internally, you know you’re a loser, a nobody, a total waste of carbon. You do not need external third party voices driving that home!

So, if you don’t understand depression or don’t suffer it, do not make it crime for the sufferer to be who they are!

Being Me is a Crime

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