Marathon Editing

Dropping into the writing / editing zone is getting easier again. These passed few days have required a colossal editing focus. So that’s what’s been happening writing-wise. Also wrote up a plot bunny that a quote sparked. Was on Facebook at the time, browsing my news feed. I have the gist of the idea recorded. And for some unknown reason, it seems the story will feature either a gay or lesbian couple. Or both. No clue. But it’ll be the first such story I attempt. Will definitely be interesting.

So, the editing: daily application of the editing brain. Yay? Well, if it includes filtering through languages I know and dealing with difficult colleagues, then no “yay”. Editing brain was fully engaged and despised real-world interruptions. That was the day job. The night shift involved editing mode for illogical sentences. Not that the concepts were illogical. The expression of those ideas lacked logical flow. In English. Why? Writer’s native language was not one with a Latin base. So, parsing the first language in to the second one was an exercise in mental agility, vocabulary and grammatical knowledge. It was also a non-stop sprint through fragmented sentences or run-on ones. I think one sentence contained 80+ words. At the end, a missing word collapsed the thing.

Don’t recall the time I started. But it was approximately 3am by the time I got to bed. I think that made a sub-total of 8 hours of straight editing (two nights in a row, so about 4 hours each for the nightshift).

Calculating it all, I think that must have been a good 50 hours worth of editing crammed into 24 hours. Yeah. Marathon editing. Huh.

Marathon Editing

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