Blame and Perpetuation

Was chatting with somthing and further ruminating on anger. Within ‘anger’ is a blame element. It’s a self-defence mechanism sometimes and employed almost without thought. The latter is thanks largely to an educational environment that reinforces punishment for mistakes and errors made, yet rewards nothing for being brave enough to own your mistakes. Instead, you are villified and crucified.

This vicious cycle is perpetuated in the workplace, in adulthood. Why? Because almost everyone you work with went through the same system. But the other major lesson?


Who wants to admit they’re wrong? Who likes being wrong? And who likes ro voluntarily be humiliated for these transgressions, minor or major? (Crimes are different.) So, a scapegoat must be found.

The biggest problem with this is the perpetuation of the stupidity. What is blame really? In terms of human emotion and psychological impact and import? The assauging of the ego, the avoidance of facing yourself, and the fleeing from the fear of the imperfect part of the self.

Essentially, it all boils down to fear and a shaken core. Confidence and ego are fragile things that must be soothed and supported. Both are very susceptible to third-party mutterings. If the utterances are positive then confidence and ego are soothed and silently preening. Anything negative, however, and both plunge into the Hellish depths of no-confidnence and self-loathing. Quite the extreme in both cases. But how does that figure into Blame Culture and its perpetuation? It’s a full circle: Assauge the ego, build the confidence and avoid all that counters the well-being of these two entites. If that requires blaming something or something else or finding a scapegoat, then so be it. After all, the only objective here is to absolve the self of any guilt or association with wrong-doing. Innocent until proven guilty, yes?

Le sigh.

Blame and Perpetuation

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