A Rare: Good Day

Today was a good day. Got some rest and actually completed 90% of one project, 40% of another and sorted out a game issue. Also spent no money except for electricity. And cooked something healthy (read: lots of veg). Kitties were very well-behaved. In all, quite a successful day.

The small notebook project is only 90% done because the loose leaf pages need to be properly added.

The 40% project requires more impromptu design work ‘cos I made a few boo-boos. Not ruined, just need to think. And I can’t find some of my tools.

A little tale of woe though: craft knofe slipped and I poked a shallow hole in my thumb. More blood than expected. But, it meant it was time to stop and cook — with knives. Is there a pattern here? >,< Anyhow, dinner was yummy. Dessert was Tim Tam slices x 2 and surfing the Net, plus spending time on my favourite forums. And I have a more solid idea or two in mind for another creative project or several. Best of all: writing calls and I’m relaxing in bed.

Today was definitely a good day.

A Rare: Good Day

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