Project #1 Shouldn’t Be Project #1

In considering the current Proejct #1, the one that’s under wraps, lock and key, the conclusion I’ve drawn is that it’s the wrong type for project for Project #1. Or, at least, it’s the right type of project, but it shouldn’t be tthe start of Project #1. In fact, it should be probably be the end of Project #n.

I’ve written Project #1 to a certain point. And now I’m stuck. Not because the story doesn’t haven any depth, but because the starting point was wrong. It’s led to a massive dead end that won’t be fixed by going back and planting information. Instead, the fix is to start over. Or perhaps use a different story as Project #1 and assign this one to Project #n. Doesn’t mean I won’t work on it. It’s an acknowledgement that it’s not working. Despite all the research and story fodder I’ve encountered that I intended to use for it, I’m stuck.

Maybe, though, I will try to work with the story, but further explore its background. There could be some elements that will help turn this around.

Would NaNo be a good time to do this? We’ll see. I’m still undecided there.

Project #1 Shouldn’t Be Project #1

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