Revisiting this Blog’s Purpose

Recently, I have been contemplating many things, one of which is the purpose of this blog.

Originally, I had intended to focus exclusively on writing. But over time, obviously the topics have varied and diverged. This is a good thing: variety means something interesting is always occurring. So, the blog will continue in its current format, but there will be more attempts to include more directly writing-related posts. This is especially relevant with NaNo arriving in three short weeks. (Am I really participating? I’ll know when the event arrives.)

While I could wax lyrical¬†on writing, techniques and insights, this blog’s primary focus is on the writing journey that restarted at the Dream’s Disintegration Era. Which is the reason behind the name: rising from the ashes but not whole; still broken. At least, though, no longer scattered atoms in a vacuum.

Will the writer ever heal? Fully? Who knows. Maybe. But it won’t remain broken for lack of trying.

Revisiting this Blog’s Purpose

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