A Taste of Winter

Summers here are a wonderful 30°C plus, at 80% relative humidity. And the warm season lasts about 9 – 10 months. Generally, the seasons go through a cycle of hi-bye-Spring, gah-long-Summer, bye-Autumn, hi-short-visit-Winter.

This last week has been cooling and drying up. Today hit low cold temperatures: 20°C and below. With wind chill, it was about 16°C.  Refreshingly brisk compared to the hot days, but it’s predicted to fall to around 10°C by the middle of the night one of these days.

This cold front is thanks to an Autumn monsoon. However, the changing temperatures do herald winter. And for those who enjoy cold weather, this is a good time. For those who prefer hot (includes yours truly), a few days or hours of cold is enough. But we can’t begrudge the seasons and everyone revels in different ones. Such is the way of life.

So, today found me in layers. And for the first time since March / April, I was cold. A fast walk kept me warm. But, it was good to get home and indoors again. No A/C, clearly. Doubt I’ll need the portable space heater, but am prepared to use it. Oh, I did mention that my ideal temperature is 27 – 28°C, right?

Heh. 🙂

A Taste of Winter

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