Finally: New Mic & Expenses

These last couple of days have proven expensive! But all for good reasons: Finally got a new mic that eliminated the static caused by the old one. Just need to realign the sound input direction via software. The S.O. is happy. Got a USB hub at the same time since I’m starting to need to more USB ports.

And forked out a deposit for a consultation. Can’t really afford this thing, but it’s either do it now or not at all. Next time, I won’t remember and if I do, the cost will have risen.

The remainder were groceries. All for under budget. Yay? Dare I say improving on the budgeting thing? Well, the last time I spent any money on me, barring daily stuff and bills, was, what, a year or more ago? I think I’m allowed. (Art supplies don’t count. That cost belongs to secret projects #2 and #4.) 🙂

Finally: New Mic & Expenses

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