NatGeo’s Creepies

Watching a NatGeo programme called “Vampire’s Curse”. Now it’s “Paranatural: The Haunted”.

“Vampire’s Curse” was laughable. An “investigative team” tried to convince locals that there was a real vampire in the city.

“Paranatural: The Haunted” was quite creepy, scary even. It covered hauntings or the reports of them. Not just in English-speaking locations, which is cool.

Island of the Dolls, Mexico, was featured, as well as a place in Mansfield, Connecticut, USA. The programme also shifted to Wem, UK. Munster Castle, Cumbria, UK, made an appearance too — supposedly one of the most haunted places in the world. Or at least, for the English-speaking world. Not sure what the programme’s basis for the claim was.

A nice balance between skeptics and believers was struck. One PhD interviewed believes ghosts are illusions of the mind.

Researchers and scientists interviewed wondered if an individual impacted EMF, thus would be more likely to experience paranormal activity. Others wondered if such things were hoaxes, or could be attributed to the power of suggestion. A small tangent linked the power of suggestion to the “top-down processing” concept, i.e., the perception of ambiguity. The programme also showed one of the interviewees (or several) also stating that these incidences were not logically probable.

The programme’s conclusion was disappointing, but expected: No solid scientific evidence, so it’s all in the mind. But it’s real to those who experience the phenomena.

Personally: my world and theirs can co-exist and co-habit. Parallel worlds: same space, different dimensions.

Fascinating stuff, though.

Reminds me, I should begin translating some paranormal investigations that took place in this city. Old accounts, but worth re-reading.

NatGeo’s Creepies

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