Debilitating Stress

The number of posts I’ve skipped might hint at idleness or life taking over in a massive way. It was the latter.

Everyone knows that type of all-encompassing stress, right? The one were it takes all your energy and then some, to even get things back to a semblance of normal? Yep. That one. Running to stand still? Nope. Pelting it through the deepest, darkest levels of hell to hit a point where standing still for a nano-second is even an atomic nucleus on the maybe consideration radar. And once you reach that point, Life­™ turns up again and says, “Hah! Sod you! Goal posts have moved and you’ll never know where! Ever!”

Feel free to insert all the expletives you know in all the languages you know.

And if you’re feeling especially creative, conjure up a suitably horrific scenario that makes you question why you even exist, because the opposite would be a far better scenario and solution.

Very tired.

Debilitating Stress

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