The Usefulness of Opposable Thumbs

Dry skin… really dry skin. Ugh. The skin at the top of both thumbs split, one worse than the other. The splits were deep. One of them was deep enough to draw blood. And because the nerve endings were exposed, it was just pain all round. It didn’t help I also accidentally knocked my thumbs into paper edges, or some unyielding surface. Even with plasters (bandaids) on them, they still hurt. And through all that: needed to use my thumbs (still do).

Tasks that require thumbs that I couldn’t do with the usual efficiency:

  • Write.
  • Cook.
  • Holding on to handrails as appropriate (moving buses and trains, etc.).
  • Using the mobile (phone).
  • Continuing with my crafty project (secret project #2).
  • All daily tasks.

Who knew that thumbs were so handy!  😛

The Usefulness of Opposable Thumbs

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