Misunderstandings in Text

Wrote a post and didn’t vet it for potential consequences or impact. One response, “How dare you” or, was it, “don’t you dare!”? Either way, re-reading that post, I understood the reaction.

Sometimes, a poorly-worded statements gives the wrong impression. And if it’s an especially sensitive toipc, then welcome to the fallout.

At times like this, it’s best to let it go. You didn’t mean to offend. But, ill-chosen vocabulary have already done the damage. The best you can do is apologise and be warier in future. Deleting the text is also not a good thing to do, IMO. For me, depending on circumstances and who’s present, I will own my mistake. But, not every mistake can be so handled. There are vindictive people out there. And grudges will be held. At times, sayng nothing is the best policy.

But everyone’s experience differs.

Misunderstandings in Text

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