Memory Lane

Some memories are harder than others to forget. But some always pop up when you really wish they wouldn’t. Others take centre stage and you want them to remain. For example, I remember when my sibling was born. I remember the room, the furniture, the night and my thoughts and my parents. I recall all the details of the first moment I got to “hold” my sibling.

In the same way, I remember the slights, the bullying, the tears, the retaliation, standing up for myself. I rarely remember the laughter. There must have been some. I recall some fun days. But most of all, I spent most of my weekends and holidays engrossed in books, devouring them non-stop, breaking only for food, bathroom, shower and sleep. Maybe not even the last.

But what do you do when the memory deluge becomes too much?

I’ve discovered the best way for me to handle them is to let go. Relax. Let the meories wash over me. Yes, they will trigger. Some will hurt. Some will make me smile. But, ultimately, they are memories and only hold sway if I let them. However, I do recognise that it’s not so simple. And that’s okay too. Sometimes, just need to hold on and ride it out, no matter how rough the journey.

Memory Lane

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