High on Caffeine

So. Last night. Kitty #2.

For the first time in a long while, I made tea. No milk, no sugar. It was refreshing and calming. Had it with dinner.

After finishing the drink, there was a little puddle of tea left at the bottom of the cup. Kitty #2 jumped up on to the table as is her wont. And sniffed at it. Apparently she found the scent appetising and drank the puddle.

About two minutes went by. Then she dug around in the litter tray. There went the diarrhoea. Well, at least it was in the litter tray.

She sauntered out. I stood up to see what had happened to make such a stench. She hadn’t covered it. So I did.

I turned to go back to the study. Kitty #2 saw me and pelted into the living room. Then as I went to see where she went, she galloped onto the stairs. At which point I returned to the study.

Thereafter, she careened around the house, used the litter tray again, sped around once more. And finally decided to rest by the study door.

Somehow, I don’t think she’ll be touching caffeine again.

High on Caffeine

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