Readjusting Persepectives

Have been reading an online serial.

The story concepts, the arcs, and the imagery are quite intriguing. And the characters are engaging — for the most part. As I understand it, the author is mid-edit. So, until the edits are finished, I shan’t comment in detail.

But, I’ve been asking myself: If they can do it, why can’t I? Well, for one, my writing style isn’t suited to web serials. For another, my stories aren’t so coherent without a massive rewrite. On the other hand, what’s to stop me trying? Simple answer: me.

Daunting task? Yes. But I also haven’t completed my secret project. So, in the interests of eliminating excess projects, I’m endeavouring to stick to one, regardless of how long it takes. Of course, this only implies I have one project. Reality: approximately three or four. Doesn’t necessarily mean writing projects. Let’s leave them as creative endeavours.

Yes, I’m being secretive about them. In an earlier post, I talked about keeping a lid. Same principle applies here: don’t talk about the details, or as little as possible, and the projects will be completed. In what timeline? Sometimes, it’s better not to know. They will be finished when they are.

Fatalistic? Pretty much. But it’s either that or I disable myself with pressure. And no. Pressure is not a good thing for me right now. It has been debilitating for almost half a decade. Will it change any time soon? I can only hope.

But. Onwards with the creativity!

Readjusting Persepectives

2 thoughts on “Readjusting Persepectives

  1. That’s interesting. Can you send a link to the serial? I’d like to check it out. However, I can see a couple of huge problems with this: 1) you can’t publish something you already published on a blog (unless you self-publish it), 2) you kind of touched on this, but the author is in mid-edits. I mean, stories can totally change from draft to draft. Why would you put something out there to read when you don’t know where it is going? Unless you have a pretty tight outline, you can’t go back and be like “oh, this would be better opening” or “Oh, this scene would work better later” or do other major changes.
    Long story short, I think publishing in a serial format is interesting, but probably not a good idea for most writers.


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