Panic-inducing Deja-Vus

How many have come true in the last week? Panic attacks were the aftermath. I felt another one arriving, tearing at the barriers, trying to circumnavigate the edges. Debilitating. It was all darkness. Everything a void, with no answers, no escape. Its all-encompassing was crushing. There was only despair. The bleakness complete. But what does the sufferer know? Told to “get over it”. Helpful.

Each deja-vu can be good, or neutral, or bad. The difference is dictated by the associated feelings of “meh, go with it”, or “yay!”, or “OMG! Change it! Change it! Change it!” In my experience, “OMG, change it NOW!” is the normal response.

Would it be plausible to say that deja-vu is a latent precognition talent? How do deja-vus really work? How do you really access them? And why the panic for some of them?

Panic-inducing Deja-Vus

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