Rush! OMG, in a Rush!

Le Sigh. Why is everyone in such a rush these days? It’s not as if there isn’t any time to do anything. But, I guess that’s the way the world turns right now.

Run down the aisle. Dash across the street, leap the stream and pelt over the bridge. Skid around the corner, fly round the next. Tumble, stumble, stagger. Footing kept. But why’m I sprinting everywhere? Good question. A quick break to review why I’m employing lunatic speed (yes, I did watch “Space Balls”; it was fun).

After searching and researching, I rejoiced! The answer was simple: ‘cos I was accustomed to it. Hah! So obvious! In all seriousness, though, the commercial world is aggressive and its pace can be such that you’re in an eternal marathon sprint while at work.

The mantra is, “more speed, less haste”.

Contradictory? Not really. The former means to move faster. The latter decodes into “less carelessness”. But humans are fallible.

Sometimes, though, speed is necessary: you don’t work in isolation the majority of the time. So, team mates need you to keep pace and deliver on schedule. The reverse is true, too. Teamwork? Kind of.

Anyway. Time to “move along; these aren’t the [speedy] ones [you’re] looking for.”

(Yes, I loved “Star Wars”, the original trilogy.)

Rush! OMG, in a Rush!

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