Noise! Noise! Noise!

What can I say? “The Grinch” was a favourite film. It’s still a fun one to watch. One of the catchiest songs is “Noise! Noise! Noise!” An appropriate title and the lyrics almost fully apply.

The din is sometimes more than bearable. It echoes. Bounces of metal walls. It reverberates through the air and feeds off the rebounds and all the additional klaxons created by unruly, screaming children, volume-challenged conversationalists, and a TV system whose operators believe that the deaf can hear it if it is loud enough. Sigh.

All of this triggers tendencies to lash out, ideas of violent physical attacks, fantasies of murder. However, this is reality, not one of my plot bunnies. Pity.

Instead? Earphones. Playlist. Story (reading one and writing another, so, a good dichotomy). Noisy problem solved.

Noise! Noise! Noise!

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