Um… Where’s the Train?

Rush hour in the evening is always a challenge., especially if you require silence and space. The trains, buses, mini-buses and taxis are not for the crowd-phobic (isn’t there a word for that?).

Stairs to the platform: people.

Escalators to the platform: people.

Platform: people.

The tain… what train? Oh, that sliver of metal? Wait, that’s just the roof. Sigh.

What’s that stench? Really? You had to let everyone know your bowels required airing? Ugh! And you! When was the last time toothpaste graced your gaping maw?

Sorry: I sneezed. Oh, you spasmed away from me? Cool! Elbow room! Sneeze some more. Wow! Clearing the paltform here! Muwahahahaha! Dammit. Out of sneezes. Oh. Sad face. Oooh! Wait for it… Wait for it… aaaaaah… pooh. No sneeze. Lots of irriated people, though. Bwahahahaha!

And I can see the train. Just about.

Um… Where’s the Train?

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