Amber. Red. Black. Water.

There are 3 rainstorm warnings: amber, red, and black. Each colour denotes the amount of rainfall expected within a certain period:

Amber: 30mm+ 1 hour
Red: 50mm+ 1 hour
Black: 70mm+ 1 hour

Some areas are prone to flooding, especially the roads. And, of course, those areas at the bottom of an incline.

Generally, the drainage system can handle the excess water. But not when the drains are blocked. Case in point: the street cleaner near here works hard. And sweeps all the fallen leaves towards the mobile bin — over the drains. The majority of the leaves don’t fall in, but those that do, contribute to the blockage and drainage problem. Ergo, the road floods.

But, you can’t blame the street cleaner only. The drainage system in this area is very old and hasn’t been renewed in a long time. So, it’s pot luck if you can get in or out when the rainstorm warnings are in force.

Amber. Red. Black. Water.

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