Aging Phone

Guess my phone’s getting old: the on/off button got stuck and sent the on/off algorithm into a loop. Had to force a shut down, aka, manually remove the battery. Not a great solution, but couldn’t do otherwise. Sorted out the button and now the phone’s fine. one minor problem: I removed the SIM and microSD cards because I didn’t want the data corrupted. But now I have the phone working properly, I don’t want to turn it off. Of course, I can still reinsert both cards, but again, it’s not the wisest of actions. Still, with the phone getting old, I need to consider a new one.

So far, I’m partial to the Galaxy Samsung S6 Edge, but am waiting for the Edge+ version to compare. The latter will be more expensive. Expected. And my financial situation is such that I need to be extremely frugal from now till the Edge+ comes out if I want a chance at affording it. (But there are other priorities between now and then.)

We’ll see though.

Technical shopping list thus far:

  • New mic
  • New phone
  • New USB charging cable 
Aging Phone

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