Schedule Changes

I’ve been toying with the idea for posting once every two days instead of daily. An alternative is not to post at the weekends, or on only Sunday or only Saturday. Perhaps not post Friday. Or, if I post double in one day, I get to take a day off? That doesn’t really make sense, except the other day I posted twice and skipped posting yesterday. Today, this post is very late because I’ve been ill. (That’s starting to become a disliked thing that needs to change.) But, not sure.

These proposed schedules aren’t as random as they seem on the surface. They’re based on viewing data that WordPress records: number of visitors, which country or part of the world the visitors are from, the referring URL, and the number of views. No other information is recorded.

For those still concerned, please take a look at the screenshot. It’s the main stats page. “Insights” talks about my posting frequency, who made comments, who wrote posts, category tags, and followers.

So, what do you all think? Daily posts?

Schedule Changes

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