Writing vs. Conflicts IRL

Want to write but want to go out for lunch. Can’t have both. What to do? Order in? Don’t fancy staying stuck indoors. But… maybe go over and order takeout. Don’t have to eat at the restaurant. Just need to be outside and want vegetarian this lunch time. Don’t fancy meat. Menu decisions. Good thing I have the take away menu here.

Result: Went out for lunch. Didn’t write. But the break was good. Also came up with a solution for weekend doldrums. Need to try it this weekend, though the motivation is going to be exhausting. We’ll see though.

Perhaps will write tonight. Not sure. Preferred writing time is actually lunch time. But, on the other hand, have quit a game. So, freed up more time. May end up writing then. Depends on how things go. Something else up in the air. Ah, well. Things will work themselves out.

Writing vs. Conflicts IRL

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