Food & Depression

The past few days have been stressful and miserable. I feel like I’ve been on the short end of everything and my poor S.O. has had to put up with me. Not a good thing. At all. Not for anyone. Yet, am powerless to stop it. Cure? What cure? And of course the work computer has conflicts (which I can’t solve ‘cos the information is locked down) and requires multiple restarts throughout the day. RAM is also an issue. But, computer problems can be resolved: untangle conflicts; add RAM, etc.

When it comes to unbalanced brain chemicals, that’s something else.The research suggests that gut bacteria influences brain chemicals is intersting. Essentially, the type of food consumed will dictate your “happiness level”, as it were. So, what are “happy foods”? Need to research that answer. But I know certain foods trigger or cause depression, e.g., pineapple and MSG. Chemical reactions. Other substances include… what?

However, overreacting and comfort food don’t help. Just put on weight using that method. Which I indulged in. Admittedly, it was mostly fruit and veg, but biscuits were involved. That last added a few pounds, I’m sure. So, need to eliminate the extra weight. Again.

By the way, yo-yo’ing weight is part of my depression cycle. It’s exhausting and stressful.

So, new resolution, or at least a promise to myself: Comfort food and snacks will be restricted to fruit and hot drinks (not hot chocolate!). Oh, my hot drinks don’t include processed sugar.

Food & Depression

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