Bib, Please!

Took sick leave this morning. For three weeks, I’ve been sleepy despite getting enough rest, fresh air and exercise. Have also been eating healthily and drinking plenty of water. So, went to the doc’s. Verdict: summer cold impacting my health. The doc recommended I take the day off, but if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. Except, if I’m tried or sleepy how does that work? Such is life.

Anyway. In other news. Table manners. Adult ones…Ugh. I can understand being in a rush and wolfing down your food. But, that’s not an excuse to slurp, chew with your mouth open, or shovel more food in while your mouth is still full, or talking in the middle of all of this especially if you’re on the phone. Really, I don’t want to see masticated food fall out of your mouth. It’s not like the human mouth is incapable of chewing closed. So… well, ugh.

Maybe I’ll work this into a story?

Bib, Please!

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