Transition Scenes

Wrote the rest of the transition scene this morning. Didn’t take many words. However, I’m not happy with it, but it now bridges two disparate character actions and the story makes more logical sense because of it. Guess I’ll review and edit later.

However, I’m still pondering the enemy’s M.O. Not the antagonist’s, which I’ve already worked out. The enemy here is an alien race. They’ve retreated for the moment. To recuperate, to dance, to play, to go, “WTH? Done with this stupidity?!” I don’t know. Need to sit and brainstorm at some point. Maybe tonight after dinner? Or while cooking? Or…? Yeah, I’ll think about it.

Enough of the random ramble. Spout more words later. Toodle-loo! (^_^)

Transition Scenes

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