Non-English Writing Advice

Abundant English writing advice abounds on the Net. Perhaps that’s a skewed perspective — I write primarily in English. However, I did search for writing advice in another language. It was frustrating. Admittedly this was several years ago. So I tried again.

Happily, I found lots of writing advice. And some of it drew parallels between the process in English and non-English.

One article I read stipulated that you must begin with short fiction because that will help you learn structure, getting to the end of the story, and write faster and better in general. It also claimed that the vast majority of Western and Eastern big-name authors started with short stories and moved to novels after becoming proficient at the former. Accordingly, writing novels from the get go is a no-no. Other points included story goal and creating good characters. Not much else is different to what I already know but the non-English language uses more adages than English. This is reflected in the writing.

The one thing that jarred me, though, was the insistence that you must start with short stories. Why? If your natural inclination is to write novels, then short stories will not satisfy. I can see the point of using shorter fiction works to practice finishing, etc., but short stories and novels are two different writing forms despite their similarities.

In any case, will read more such articles. The comparisons are fascinating. (^_^)

Non-English Writing Advice

2 thoughts on “Non-English Writing Advice

  1. I’ve never looked into writing advice for other languages. Interesting idea. I definitely agree with you on the short stories/novel thing. I was thinking recently that maybe I should practice writing short stories more, but the differences throw me off a lot. Like, with short stories I feel like people expect you to be more “artsy” rather than just tell a story. You have to have some kind of meaning in a short story, and the more well hidden that meaning, the more artistic genius people will think you have.

    Maybe that’s just what my slight, uh, bitterness let me get into my head about people though >.>

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  2. Writing short stories is a craft in itself and not one I’m any good at or care to really practice. That said, in the same way as novels, a short story doesn’t require a meaning (hidden or otherwise) to be artistic. That can be achieved with prose and moving the story logically and plausibly to its conclusion. IMO, artistic genius should be seen as “told a great story, never saw those twists or that ending coming!”. (^_^)

    Btw, bitterness is good sometimes. Hehehe. 😀


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