As a creative, there are plenty of outlets for the creativity, especially when you don’t feel like writing, or you’re avoiding tedium. On such channel is Minecraft — virtual lego for adults.

I’ve been playing this game for a long while. Purchased it when it first launched, before it became part of Microsoft. Been on and off several servers and have been a moderator / officer of some. Ultimately, life took over, so it’s only been recently I’ve returned to the game.

In that return, I’ve played on two separate worlds: Tekkit (technical) and single-player creative. Both are relaxing. The latter is pure creative — as many blocks as I want. Tekkit is part survival. A nice contrast. Projects are different per world.

Currently in single-player, I’m building a castle. Fantasy. And its inspiration: A thread in the writers’ forums I belong to. I’ve sketched the layout of my personal suite. Right now, though, constructing the main entrance. It includes a roof-top outdoor relaxation pool. Not exactly built for defence right now, but that may change. Not sure yet.

Anyway. The project will take time, but it’ll be worth it. It’s a creative outlet after all.

As for Tekkit. Erecting two complexes in parallel. Another worthy project.

Pics? Maybe later. We’ll see. (^_^)


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