Creepy Crawlies!

I swear I saw a huntsman spider crawl — scurry? — across my study door. About an inch long, brown, strong thick legs, no web. It dashed behind the door when I stared at it. I looked, but it had disappeared. Pooh. I thought it was fascinating. And cute.

And across the floor scuttled a tiny gecko with a missing tail. Kitty pounced and missed. Gecko slipped into a tiny fold in a sealed plastic food bag and waited till the kitty wandered off to find another toy. The gecko shortly decided that roaming the house was better than staying where it was. (I don’t know where it is now.)

Of course, a mosquito buzzed passed me. It died.

Cockroaches usually gets squashed. But a spider — a wolf spider at that — oh, Hell, yeah! I’m leaving the cockroach alone. Go spidey!

Creepy Crawlies!

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