Recurring Issue Revisited — Inappropriate Sleepiness

So, I got really annoyed with myself: I still hadn‘t solved the sleepiness at work problem and it was causing more trouble than I wanted. Not that anyone has said anything. But, really, you should resolve these issues without someone poking you about it. Ergo, researched some more. And tried something new this morning.

Instead of eating to 70% full at breakfast, decided to split the meal into “bite sized“ portions: A roll at 08:30 when I get in, with a strong cup of tea (unsweetened). Followed by a thick slice of brown rice and cheese bread at 09:30 with another hot drink. A second slice at 10:40 with a third hot drink. And a third slice at 11:40, also with a hot drink. So far, I haven’t dozed off. Next “dose” of “breakfast” and hot drink in about an hour.

I have successfully managed to stay awake until lunch time. Obviously, I had lunch. With friends this time and had a great laugh and chat, and just enjoyed their company (I hope they enjoyed mine!).

Returned to the office and proceeded to wait about 30 minutes before getting a strong cup of coffee. After another 60-ish minutes, had a light snack (slice of brown rice and cheese bread). Then again at 16:45. Hot drinks accopmanied both snack times. And it is now 17:22 as of writing. I have approximtely 38 minutes left till the end of the work day.

I would call today’s experiment a success. Must repeat this tomorrow and maintain it!

Recurring Issue Revisited — Inappropriate Sleepiness

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