Words Spewed; Story Moves On

Having let some things stew for several days, it felt good to write it all down. Not the most organised or logical recording of the much-needed backstory, but it allows the story to move forward properly.

The backstory provides essential character motivation and situational background and the purpose of the story’s “present”. In other words, the background now (kind of) fleshed out is the novel’s raison d’etre. It serves as the M.O. for the antagonist. And the protagonist’s M.O. was already incorporated into the story.

Now it’s a case of: what happens next? And how do I tie all the bits together?

Excited? Yes. But that’s not coming through. That’s okay. I’m allowed to be rather reserved — stiff upper lip and all that.

Thing is, I have other things to be thrilled about, too. Share later. Maybe.

Words Spewed; Story Moves On

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