Plot Bunny Ballads

Came to me while I was relaxing that I had had these lyrics stuck in my head for around a decade, if not longer. About time I recorded them properly. So, I did. And it took on the format of a ballad, complete with melody, chorus, duet and repeating theme. It’s from the very first novel I wrote when I moved here — the one with the virus in a zip file. It was part of the story but never completed. So, here’s my chance. 

I should write the score for it, too. See what instruments might be suitable. Or maybe it should remain a capella as  I hear only singers and not a full orchestra or any instrumental accompaniment.

Hmm. The tune itself is quite powerful. If you can read music, and if I get round to this, maybe I’ll post an image of part of the score. I’m certainly not singing it! =^P

Plot Bunny Ballads

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