Hungry After Food

It’s strange. After you’ve eaten to 70% full, a few moments later (about 1 hour later), I’m hungry again. Not because I’ve done a lot of physical activity; in fact, hardly did anything at all, except think and get a few cups of water. Shouldn’t be hungry till dinner time, yes?

So, review: what did I have for lunch? Vegetables, a little rice, chicken, winter melon soup. What was breakfast? Sandwiches and tea. What was snacks? Raisin bread sticks. Have I had any snacks this afternoon? Nope. Do I want any? Nope. Do I crave any? Yep. Should I go get another drink of water? Yep.

I’m still no closer to figuring out why I’m hungry after a meal. Time for research? See you in a bit!

[Insert your favourite time lapse metaphors, pictures and text here.]

Hungry After Food

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