The Dream Awakens

Thoughts come and go. They swirl and dance, or rest and sleep. Perhaps they twirl and fly. Or swoop and dive. However they move, they are active. And these are the thoughts of the subconscious rendered tangible by the waking mind.

I speak of the secret project. Of these blog posts. I write. Slow, yes, but progress is made, word by word. And scene by scene. It’s a long ride to the exciting elements of the roller coaster, but the train is moving. It’ll pick up speed soon enough, but there is time to enjoy the scenery.

By the way, was just investigating roller coaster terminology. The list is incomplete, but the information is fascinating. Requires more study. However, story fodder. Might fit in with a new plot bunny that formed the other night.

What do these plot bunnies and the secret project mean? Simply, the Dream is no longer dormant or disintegrated. It has woken.

{{{ !!!Huggles the Dream!!! }}}

The Dream Awakens

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