Conflicts of Interest on Public Holidays

It’s coming up to another public holiday here. There’s so much that I want to do, but certainly not enough time: Housework, writing, helping the S.O., gaming, sewing (but haven’t had much motivation there for a while), or sleep? I think that last is going to be a natural part of the public holiday.

Just before lunch, general manager told my supervisor that my desktop background was inappropriate, mainly because someone from HQ is visiting this week. And HQ person is really sensitive about this stuff. Really? It was just default images that came with the OS. Oh well, whatever. I changed it. No point trying to out-petty the petty. And also, no point wasting energy trying to get around the atom-focused micro-manager.

Lunch time afforded a few minutes away from the computer and thinking. Relaxed. A little. So, there was the little matter of what I should do on the one day off public holiday. Resolved, I think. Hopefully, the day will go in this order: Write / Chat > WoW > Cook > WoW > Cook (or order pizza) > Kitty litter > Bed.

Conflicts of Interest on Public Holidays

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