Sleepiness at Work: Solved?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. It’s another day at work and I’ve spent most of the morning falling asleep. Apart from getting about 13 hours of sleep on one weekend night, got about five to six hours last night. Generally, this is enough sleep. But, woke with a headache. It won’t go away. Means I’m actually ill? Don’t know.

Usually, breakfast incorporates MSG and the raisin bread sticks, though good, are filled with MSG. Side effects of MSG include drowsiness. Is it the breakfast problem plus not enough sleep? Quite likely. Or is it because I’m still somewhat ill and haven’t acknowledged it? Again, quite likely. Maybe it’s the “lighting” in this room. Perhaps. Or is it all four? I’m inclined to go with all four. Except one thing: Had enough sleep previously, still wanted to sleep when I got to the office. And when I went to the pantry for a drink, I stood by the window and woke up, feeling more refreshed.

The only real conclusion I can draw without a trip to the doc’s is that I’m partially ill, have not had enough sleep and have had way to much MSG. But… I’m hungry?

So, the solution: go to sleep earlier and get at least 8 hours’ sleep per night. Avoid MSG as much as possible. Do more exercise. And kick start the day with a cup of strong tea at home before leaving for work.

Sleepiness at Work: Solved?

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