Lost in Research

In wanting to find correlating sites with information on the same time frame (approx. 7000 BC), I got side-tracked: Prehistoric China. Paleolithic and Neolithic, etc. Of course, I then progress onto… well, in this case, it was a round of games with friends. Returned to engravings on stone artefacts soon enough, though. The article I read also mentioned ostrich beads and incisions in stones.

Professor Xing Gao at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology is quoted as saying, “the engraved stone art[e]fact was found at Locality 1, which is about 30,000 years old.”

Dr. Fei Peng, postdoctoral research fellow at the Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and lead author of a paper that reported the discovery of the engraved stone artefact is also quoted: “So who created the ostrich beads and incisions? Were they made by the populations who migrated … or the result of acculturation, such that the aborigines in north China learned this kind of technology … or created solely by the local people because of technological and cognitive advancement?”

The article concluded with Dr. Peng saying that integrating all the information from different fields of study “is the means to solving the puzzle.”

Fascinating stuff.

Lost in Research

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