Taking Breaks

Sometimes, it’s good to relax, to take a break from the intensity of the writing. This allows the subconscious to recuperate — something that various non-creatives fail to realise. These individuals do not understand why creatives do not seem to be working or producing any work at certain points.

It is far from us being lazy. In fact, we are working, but mentally. You cannot show what is not ready for tangibility.

But the commercial world rarely understands this, even now. Ergo, creatives are falsely accused of being unproductive. And when we try to meet demand, disaster strikes: We hit walls. They are impenetrable, detrimental barriers to our creative process, effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

While you can train yourself to work to tight schedules, you hit burnout faster than warranted. Add the stress of the office environment and the situation sours exponentially. But, as professionals, you can’t let this affect you. As a human being, you’re not immune regardless of how detached you might be.

Of course, the problem with too long a break is momentary forgetfulness. A quick review, however, solves that issue.

Talking of breaks, I need one now — post is fizzling out. Long day and all that. Well, that’s my excuse. On the other hand, the writing calls!


Taking Breaks

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