Have Seat, Will Write

On these crowded trains, it’s difficult to find a seat regardless of age and circumstance. The mentality: “If you’re capable of standing, you stand; I’m not giving up this seat.” Very selfish attitude. However, from another perspective: The seated passenger may be exhausted. Example: I was once en route to my old job and had a seat. I was tired but awake. Next to me was a guy standing, but he slid down the wall a couple of times — he was sleeping on his feet. I offered my seat. But he refused; the next stop was his.

In the same vein, I’ve seen passengers snatch a seat and immediately doze off. Others have kicked off their shoes — heels were too high or the toes pinched. Hardly a decent thing to do in public. But understandable if smelly.

Returning to the opposite side: I’ve seen passengers take a seat and start playing mobile games — one-handed — while elderly passengers stood. A pregnant lady also stands little chance of securing a seat from such passengers. And I’m no exception when it comes to writing. If I can sit and do so, I will. On other hand, I will consider the circumstances. In heels? Nope, not getting up. In flats or trainers? Okay. Except, caveat: If said “in need” passenger looks around with an air of entitlement (they’re easy to spot), the seat remains mine. And the writing continues.

At this point, the train’s rocking motion has relaxed me enough that the words are flowing. All sound becomes background noise. Only the writing matters. Only the words’ images and the film I see unfolding in my mind command my attention. Scenes are clear; elements are crystalline in structure. The story flows. Of course, the down side: The train’s rocking motion is great for sleeping. Cradle motion. Zzzz…

Have Seat, Will Write

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