World of Warcraft

So, have decided to pick up raiding. But, as always, have trouble with digital purchases. It means a trip to the shops. And some frustrating minutes installing software. Why? Software installation and I don’t get along. But, the thing is: How does this game impact my writing? So far: It doesn’t. On the other hand, what about later? But the more I think about it, the more I want to raid again.

However. I go to purhchse the physical copy and of course it’s out of stock, and apparently all vendors and distributors here are sold out, and they’re not getting any more copies. Uh-huh… Paint me a colossal skeptic! But, tonight is not the night to go a-huniting. It’s getting late and I want to be home, not dealing with uncouth crowds. (By-the-bye, did I mention I despise crowds?)

Yet, why not just purchase online? Because the company’s system behind WoW refuses to accept my credit card, though it’s fine everywhere else in the world. No clue why. And my Paypal account is also not acceptable.In other words: Don’t play WoW. But, I shall be obstinate about this. I shall play.

World of Warcraft

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