Writing into Corners

Where the mind goes is a mystery that even the writer does not solve. And though some of us write to an outline, others prefer not to, and still others do a little of both. With this secret project, I am not writing to an outline and have managed to write myself into a corner for the second time since starting.

The first instance was the technology.

This second one: a viable solutionn.

Finding one will take some more brainstorming, but it seems the subconscious may have one. Of course, there’s always the favourite standbys:

  • Kill everyone
  • Blow up everything
  • Deus ex machina
  • Run away.

But, in my case, those have rarely led to the next scene. However, maybe dying should be involved?

In writing myself into corners, I got to thinking: Why do I do it? It struck me that perhaps I find the challenge invigorating, that it makes the process more interseting and thus by extension, the corner-writing provides more motivation. Not that there is a shortage of such. Yet, it is a fun one: Exploring the story as I write.

Brainstorm and writers’ chatrooms help. But when those are not available or feasible, then it’s backtrack and analyse various points in which to insert plants. Or rewrite certain parts so the corner is mitigated. All of these solutions take time and work. So, why not write to an outline? Not my preferred method. Too much deviation and the story becomes somthing other than planned. A good thing, yes, but progress slows. Write to a partial outline? A feasible solution. But this particular story does not lend itself to that mehtod. So, navigating without a map, only a destination.

Is this method slower than the others, less efficient? If you were churning out these pieces of writing at one a month, then perhaps. There are proflic writers who can do this, though. However, it’s all individual style and preference.

By the way, one other method for getting out of corners: Write a blog post while the subconscious works on a viable solution. Or sleep on it all. Inclined to do so: Very tired and sleepy right now — not enough sleep is all. Caffeine injection was insufficient. Time to psas out for a bit.

Mornings are bright. But sleep is better!

Writing into Corners

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