Stamina & Long-Haul Projects

I have plenty of the latter, very little of the former. While I do not need to count spons, my energy is not unlimited and parcelling it out means I can get things done. Obviously, it’s doable to pour 100% and more into something when necessary, but that’s not viable long-term.

Evidence: NaNoWriMo — (Inter)national Novel Writing MOnth. Write a fifty-thousand-word story in the month of November.

I’ve succeeded at this endeavour a few times in a row, but discoverd some years back that it really wasn’t for me: I hit burnout too fast. Sprints are great for getting burst progress, but a marathon is better for long-term projects.

Writing a novel (or several) is a long-haul endeavour. Burnout too soon brings the exercise to a halt. (It’s too cliche to say “screeching halt”.) Hence, a slower approach is my preferred style. Clearly, not talking about crawling. Instead, a steady jog or brisk walk (with sprints sprinkled throughout) is ideal. For me. While it may take longer to complete a novel this way, the novel is complete.

That’s the thing about writing (or any creative project): it needs ot be finished. You can’t improve on something if there is nothing there to work on. This holds true for any project: To improve it, it must be tangible. My belief. For example: mindset is tangible in the sense that it manifests through actions, feelings and speech. Improve it and the manifestation changes to reflect that improvement. But such changes are not made and retained overnight. THey take time. So, too, does a nvoel. And I am content to take my time.

Not a prolific or fast writer. But I have my own pace and methods. And the are what help me complete a novel.

Perhaps I have more stamina than I first thought?

Stamina & Long-Haul Projects

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