The Problem with External Motivators

They’re distracting! Was meant to write and watch at the same time yesterday. Um, nope. Reason: New episode — one I’ve never seen before. So, the choice: pay attention or write? Well, I was talking to the S.O. too and we hadn’t had a proper chat in a while, ergo: writing took a back seat.

Today, out and about. So, not much chance to sit and write the story. But this blog entry is a form of writing. Although, 30°C with a high chance of rain isn’t a great day for writing outdoors, even if you’re in a cafe or on the train.

If it sounds like I’m straining to find a topic for today’s post, it’s ‘cos I haven’t quite figured out how to get to the point. But: a broadening of the topic seems have jarred loose a thought or two.

As noted, Supernatural can be very distracting, almost detrimentally so. This is true of many external motivators I’ve tried: reading a favourite book or author; or watching a favourite film; or cooking. On the other hand, if I know the motivating material well, then I easily split my attention or refocus. Even now, I’m pondering my story thought I’m not physically writing it. Instead, I’m just letting my thoughts roam. And being on a crowded train with people I don’t want to be around means the thoughts run hither and thither. A good time to immerse myself in the story, I think.


The Problem with External Motivators

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