Allergies, Cats, Writing

Sneezes are violent. They disrupt everything. Ever looked into the detailed science of sneezing? I didn’t until recently. The long and short of it: Expel irritant from the nasal cavity. Air is forced into the nasal passages, but the tongue is elevated partially closing the passage to the mouth, so air is also ejected through the mouth.

Thus: Lots of irritants essentially means plenty of sneezes and the inability to write, pet kitties or watch Supernatural. That’s irritating. (Yes, deliberately bad pun.)

Anyway, have begun the day watching Supernatural, Season 7, Episode 22. And it starts out the day very nicely. It’s also the motivator of the day. Or, at least, for the project at this point in time. Of course, the show is addictive. Oops. But it’s certainly good for studying how something so addictive is composed. Perhaps some of it can be transferred to my writing.

But, I must say, anti-climatic scene led very nicely into the next. And now onto Season 8. Finally.


Allergies, Cats, Writing

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